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Analysis of a Metropolitan-Area Wireless Network

Article Ecrit par: Tang, Diane ; Baker, Mary ;

Résumé: We analyze a seven-week trace of the Metricom metropolitan-area packet radio wireless network to find how users take advantage of a mobile environment. Such understanding is critical for planning future large-scale mobile network infrastructures. Amongst other results, we find that users typically use the radios during the day and evening. Of the users who move around during the trace (over half), we find that the more locations a user visits on a daily basis, the closer together, on average, those locations are. While these results are only known to be valid for this particular network, we hope future analysis of other networks will add to a growing understanding of mobile network behavior.

Langue: Anglais
Index décimal 658.403 2 .Analyse et théorie des systèmes (analyse de réseau, analyse de systèmes dans la prise de décision, méthode du chemin critique, méthode PERT, programme du cheminement de la vérification, systèmes dans la prise de décision, utilisation en gestion de l'analy
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Mots clés:
Analyse de réseau
Réseau de radio de métropolitain-secteur

Analysis of a Metropolitan-Area Wireless Network